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September 27, 1988 Bart Koene graduated in Physics at the University of Leiden. He performed his graduation research in Solid State Physics (Magnetism) at the Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory. Bart obtained his Ph.D. in Electrochemistry on May 17,1995. The title of his thesis is "Electrode kinetics and double layer structure at liquid amalgams: a study of the influence of electrode material".

The main question of his Ph.D. research was: Which physical properties of the electrode material determine its electrochemical behaviour? By combining electrochemical and physical methods new relations have been discovered that describe the kinetics and the behaviour of the electrical double layer at metal electrodes. This fundamental and novel research lies on the border between (liquid) metal physics and physical chemistry.


One of his interests is corrosion research, for which physics, electrochemistry and physical chemistry are important disciplines. From June 1997 to March 1998 he worked as a research physicist at the department of Corrosion Research of the Shell Research and Technology Centre, Amsterdam.

From March 1998 to September 2002 he worked at Electrochemical Technology (Process Development Group) of the Eindhoven University of Technology on several projects, among which an EU-project dealing with the regeneration of metals from process liquids and other projects dealing with environmental and industrial electrochemistry.

From October 2002 to December 2004 he worked at Corrosion & Antifouling, TNO Science & Industry in Den Helder, mainly on projects dealing with innovative materials for anticorrosive coatings. From March 2005 to February 2007 he was employed by Delft University of Technology. Research was focussed on mathematical modelling of pitting corrosion.

Bart is an enthousiast scientist. Professionally his interests include (electro)chemical reactions, electro(dia)lysis, ion exchange, materials science, mathematical modelling and teaching. Since 2004 he is the Dutch regional representative of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE). From March 2007 he is employed by the NLDA.

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Scepticism and critical thinking

Bart has been a co-operator of the Skepsis Foundation from October 1990 to May 1997. Skepsis is an organisation, which studies alleged paranormal phenomena scientifically and investigates pseudo-scientific claims. He has written more than a dozen articles for Skepter, the quarterly journal of this organisation.

Bart Koene's collection of skeptical links

His contributions were about the following fields:
(alternative) medicine
pseudo-science (especially creationism and astrology)
social scientific research of the so-called "paraculture"

In English the following articles are available online:
Bart Koene, An Ancient Philosopher's Criticism of Astrology: Sextus Empiricus, Correlation, 15(2) (1996/1997) pp. 26-34
Bart Koene: The Sixth European Creationist Congress

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To LION, The Leiden Institute of Physics
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